To deliver value to our shareholders & customers by utilizing modern
technology, committed employees and high-performance teams.


To build successful, resilient group that works for everyone in creating a better future and leading a fulfilling & financially secure life.


To be the most trusted asset management, real estate and chit fund Group in the region.
To build meaningful relationships through value addition and customer delight.
To gain trust, deliver results and enrich clients lives – come what may.
To serve the clients with the highest standard of commitment, transparency and integrity.
To provide financial security, drive economic growth and make a positive impact on the society


To build successful, resilient group that works for everyone in creating a better future and leading a fulfilling & financially secure life.



Mr. Chilappagari Radha Kishan

Founder & Chairman, CRK Group

Since founding the Group in 1994, Mr. Chilappagari Radha Kishan who holds a gold medal in MA and M.Phil degree in Telugu literature from Osmania University, has spearheaded CRK Group to become the most trusted and renowned organization in chit funds and financial services industry.

While working as a teacher he started financing and chit funds in his immediate circle of teachers and friends. And over the past two and half decades he has been successful in delivering timely services and most importantly on time to gain unflinching trust of hundreds of loyal customers.

With 25 years of experience in different domains, he focuses on the overall functioning of the Group making sure it adheres to its core principles. He develops the strategic vision of the Group, establishes the goals and directs the Group towards its fulfillment.

Mr. C. Anurag

Director, CRK Group

Mr. Anurag joined the CRK Group in 2018after completing his Masters in Construction& Management in USA. With strongleadership and interpersonal skills, he headsthe Group’s operations and is responsiblefor expanding its business across differentverticals with his creative energy, new ideasand fresh perspective.

Mr. C. Adarsh

Director, CRK Group

Mr. C. Adarsh is a civil engineering graduateand has been a part of CRK Group since2018. He is passionate and determined totransform the traditional chit funds businessof CRK Group to a preferred assetmanagement company and expanding itscore offerings by making it accessible to awide range of customers by embracingstate-of-the-art technologies.

Shri. Vatti Sleeva Reddy

Mentor & Our Inspiration

Sleeva Reddy garu is a visionary in real estate industry, especially in the development of residential plots communities in and around Hyderabad. He has developed numerous layout projects much before anyone could think of in the past 35 years. He has been a beacon of support since our group’s initial days.

He has been the guiding force behind CRK, especially in the real estate segment and it is because of him the group has forayed into real estate vertical. His humbleness, knowledge, expertise and guidance continue to be of crucial value to us.



We have been associated with CRK Group for the past 14 years. We have been utilizing financial services and investing in real estate projects of CRK Group. We like their promptness, consistency and timely delivery of their services. We have benefitted a lot from Real Estate projects of CRK Group and we would definitely like to be a part of their upcoming real estate projects and continue to get benefitted.


We have a long-standing relationship with CRK Group. The management and employees of CRK Group are very sincere which is what I like the most. Since their inception they have been providing services right at home and this is especially very good for old age people and people who have retired. I have introduced many friends and relatives to CRK Group and I would highly recommend new customers to trust and join CRK Group happily.”


I have been associated with CRK Group for about 20 years, particularly in their financial services. During my association, I have experienced that they have lot of USPs. They are Trust, Safety, Reliability, Timely Service, Home Service and Customer Centric Approach. They show tremendous flexibility and I have always been delighted with their services. And I have seen this extended to me consistently in trying and challenging times. I have recommended CRK Group to many of my friends. They have joined and they have benefitted too. I recommend CRK Group to all the new customers to join and derive the benefits from this association.


CRK Started CRK Group in 1994. And since then, I have been associated with him. I utilized their chit fund services and financial services whenever there was a need. He started an apartments project in Manthani in 2012, in which I have a flat. The construction quality of that project is so good that and I got a lot of appreciation from my friends and relatives who came to visit me. CRK constructed this project without compromising on quality and this has got him lot of fame and recognition in the region. He also constructed and delivered few projects in Hyderabad which are of very good quality.


I know Radha Kishan, for more than 30 years, who is my classmate at school. During the mid-1990s he started investment and chits business. Over the years with utmost commitment and trust, he has earned the confidence of more than 1000 investors. With his sons, Adarsh and Anurag, joining the group, they are making forays into Real Estate, Portfolio Management and Stock Market Investments. I would mince no words in saying that the CRK group of companies is a synonym for trust. Their business is simple. Together, let us grow.


I have been working with Mr. Radha Kishan sir since 2007. We were associated in 3 projects which benefitted the customers and me a lot. I would recommend that you get associated with CRK Group and derive the benefits.


CRK Groups’ Radha Kishan is a good friend of mine. I like his work commitment, courtesy and the respect he shows to others. So, I’ve been traveling with him for over 23 years and recommend my friends and immediate circle to do the same.


My association with CRK Group is from the past 20 years. I had been investing in various initiatives undertaken by CRK and his team. I am very much satisfied with the service and performance of CRK Group.