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CRK group has the robust chit-fund plan that stood with time for over 28+ years.

CRK group is a platform that allows you to pay your monthly installment and at the time of auction, the winner gets to borrow against the subsequent savings, as chit funds are the versatile financial products that lets you invest and borrow at the same time. CRK group with its years of eminent financial literacy allows you to borrow lump sum amount without providing any formal collateral at much lower rate of interest as opposed to banks or other financial institutions. As a result CRK group directs you to a path from the tax point of view as well, the dividends earned per month are neither taxable nor tax deductible contrary to the overall income that is subject to income tax.



We have been associated with CRK Group for the past 14 years. We have been utilizing financial services and investing in real estate projects of CRK Group. We like their promptness, consistency and timely delivery of their services. We have benefitted a lot from Real Estate projects of CRK Group and we would definitely like to be a part of their upcoming real estate projects and continue to get benefitted.


We have a long-standing relationship with CRK Group. The management and employees of CRK Group are very sincere which is what I like the most. Since their inception they have been providing services right at home and this is especially very good for old age people and people who have retired. I have introduced many friends and relatives to CRK Group and I would highly recommend new customers to trust and join CRK Group happily.”


I have been associated with CRK Group for about 20 years, particularly in their financial services. During my association, I have experienced that they have lot of USPs. They are Trust, Safety, Reliability, Timely Service, Home Service and Customer Centric Approach. They show tremendous flexibility and I have always been delighted with their services. And I have seen this extended to me consistently in trying and challenging times. I have recommended CRK Group to many of my friends. They have joined and they have benefitted too. I recommend CRK Group to all the new customers to join and derive the benefits from this association.


Are chit funds for you? Tips to gain from them

It’s a personal loan, a recurring deposit and a kitty party rolled into one. A chit fund means many things to many people. For someone seeking a loan, it is a source of costly, but convenient, credit. For the small saver, it is an option that enforces monthly investment discipline

A Guide To Investing in Chit Funds

A chit fund is a financial instrument that is a combination of savings and borrowings. It has been a part of India’s financial system for more than a century. At its most fundamental level, in a chit fund, a group of people or subscribers agree to contribute a fixed amount every month for a fixed period of time to a corpus.

Recurring Deposit Vs. Chit Fund

Saving money is an important aspect of life. Investing money is a desire of many. In India, many people are not yet involved in the organised financial sector. Many people of the lower income bracket opt to invest in chit funds because they do not qualify or have documentation for a bank account.